The IT Revolution for India

Considering the present state of India, if we question ourselves what all industries India depends upon economically, the answer will be IT as one of its main revenue/foreign fund generator for India. But Ironically Indian system doesn’t even harness the capacity of IT for its own internal economic development. The need of the hour is to have a centralised database oriented population count with a permanent address and verification data to bring the concreteness of Indian economy where the participator is the People.  The government should use the expertise of soo many IT engineers to start the digital revolution which will bring a wave of employment and reduce the cry.

If all the government departments have Internal portals for data Analysis and one unified portal for all the departments together to be viewed by all the Ministers to understand the current situation of the country economically, this will be a massive change on how the government functions and might take 5-10 yrs(sure it will be more) to complete the drive, and put things in place.

The main drawback to this whole change will be the ever increasing Indian population and the unavailability of proper communication medium across the country.  The government will have to invest a lot on the infrastructure changes but will definitely help on the long run to secure the country with a corruption less, steady state.

The Idea is to generate a data drive so as to document the population at the grass root level.

This can be done by two process: Quality Data collection, Quality Data representation.

Quality Data collection: The traditional process of ID proof generation has to be modified or digitized in a better manner.Example: The Data collection will be a govt paid role,where the individual is paid to collect data of the people on a regular basis. They will be fully Technology equipped with Pads(Might consider Partnering with Micromax) to make regular visit to regions assigned to him/her.  Connected with net he has to continuously update the Database (Cloud I will suggest) of Citizen’s current Status(Whether working In India or Abroad), and Register Each Individual’s Family tree of new generations.

Visual Identity is a very important aspect of the society and our present situation of the visual data quality lags behind.  I am sure Your Photo Identity card Portrays you a completely different individual J. So coming to technology the pads will have Cameras with good resolution and the data collectors will consistently keep Updating the photographs of the people on periodic manner.

The Address locations will also be updated for each Individual in the central database by the Data collector only.

Quality Data representation:  Quality Data segregation can be learned from the Postal Database of Addressing. The datacollection men can be the people under Home ministry. The New domain/Wing will be incorporated under the IT/Telecom ministry . The New Domain will be generated and henceforth continued, A generic Platform based virtually connectified Administrators , The platform providing domain (Application of IT). This platform is the Data Representation which is UNIFIED.

Providing the PLATFORM::

Th e country has to be mapped to each house(That is already there I suppose{councillor??}). A software application which works on INTERNET co-ordinating with cloud db to bring results is the need of the hour.Based on each role, the application will have views.

  • The Datacollector will only have data entry access and the report generation access of total count of the population under his area/sub area.
  • The supervisor will have the report generation view of complete data access as well and data providing/inserting access. (Inset access for comments/input/feedback section of the application)
  • The Counsellor will have data read /report generation/ Approval/Plan access in the platform.

This basic 3 structures are a must for each vertical of ministry which can help lead to a unified database of the nation.

The views for each role has to be designed based on the existing functioning of the government officials eg: BDO/TAX Collector etc)

The Land Area has to be mapped(I suppose it is already mapped. A google map like realtime data interpretation{geoinformatics}),The Agricultural ministry will be given the responsibility of recruiting datacollectors AGRI DOMAIN who all will be incharge of keeping the Land area data collection( provided with micro max tabs/pads ) to have visual data, measuremental data updated regularly of the land area.

Express India

All the data will be updated ia central library and each government will have views/access to the library specified by their positions/roles.

This platform is just a suggestion and is under IDEATION. This has to be a java platform.

Digital Data Representation for better understanding of the exact ground situation is exactly what the government of india needs. The Country is in dire need of assessing itself.

I suggest Narendra Modi to incorporate how the developed Nations keep a track of their population. The Home Ministry should Introduce a new portfolio of Data Collectors, who all are equipped with Latest technology gadgets which gather raw clean data and a Central Database of our country is formed in clouds to help us digitize data to have better visual representation of the ground reality . I as an IT engineer would like to visualize these changes to help our country mature with better understanding of her innate functioning.


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