The Hegemonic Tyranny of the Left

6/5/2016 marked yet another day of colorizing the modus operandi of the leftist students of JU. Their  violent protests proved their hegemonic attitude of ‘My way or Hell’s way’ .The special screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘Buddha in traffic Jam’ after been screen all over Indian institutes came to jadavpur university and saw a ruckus being created effortlessly by the FAS , DSF and other fringe groups. Freedom of expression being stifled at the throat on the name of some blatant sloganeering and heckling of people from the other side. The Invited people who came to watch the film were termed outsiders and were illegally taken hostage. The typical leftist style of pushing women in a commotion and then foul crying and charging molestation cases are nothing new but saw a different form of implementation.

With permissions been revoked by the alumni association on being pressurized by certain groups in ju, many college students along with Think India decided to go ahead with the screening on the Ju ground as an apolitical forum for discussing issues on national interest saw vengeance being outpoured by leftist groups of Ju, goes on to prove their vested interest to promote antinational activities inside the campus. When Vivek Agnihotri was entering the campus,the leftist students violently protested and gheraoed his car and broke the mirror . Later when the car entered the ground there were some scuffle because of the forceful altercations by the leftist students and the people who went there to watch the film. The incident gathered a lot of media attention and media persons were also pushed around while generating the footage. While Mr.Agnihotri was giving his speech there were continuous sloganeering and ferocious protests and was shown black cloth inspite he repeatedly requesting all the students to watch the film peacefully.

The film was being shown smoothly for nearly 45 mins when the deputy registrar came in to stop the proceeding. Although a film ‘Muzaffarnagar abhi baki hai’ was parallel screened by the leftists, it was not stopped.Later the film had to be stopped because of increasing tension in the area. As soon as the director left , the leftist students handpicked some lone guys and attacked with mob of more than 250 and illegally kept them hostage for more than 3 hours charging molestation cases against them. 3 of them being hospitalised as all of them were thrashed brutally and hit with bricks.

The Intellectual terrorism and complete bankruptcy of ideals is slowly pushing these minority groups into senseless rhetoric gimmickry and giving a 5 Star institution a deplorable name as a den of drug addicts, antinationals, prostitution and the demonic hegemony of stifling FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Now That’s called INTOLERANCE …

Author-Nabanil Sanyal,B.Tech. Independent Photographer and Short  Film maker.I went to see the film.