The Hegemonic Tyranny of the Left

6/5/2016 marked yet another day of colorizing the modus operandi of the leftist students of JU. Their  violent protests proved their hegemonic attitude of ‘My way or Hell’s way’ .The special screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘Buddha in traffic Jam’ after been screen all over Indian institutes came to jadavpur university and saw a ruckus being created effortlessly by the FAS , DSF and other fringe groups. Freedom of expression being stifled at the throat on the name of some blatant sloganeering and heckling of people from the other side. The Invited people who came to watch the film were termed outsiders and were illegally taken hostage. The typical leftist style of pushing women in a commotion and then foul crying and charging molestation cases are nothing new but saw a different form of implementation.

With permissions been revoked by the alumni association on being pressurized by certain groups in ju, many college students along with Think India decided to go ahead with the screening on the Ju ground as an apolitical forum for discussing issues on national interest saw vengeance being outpoured by leftist groups of Ju, goes on to prove their vested interest to promote antinational activities inside the campus. When Vivek Agnihotri was entering the campus,the leftist students violently protested and gheraoed his car and broke the mirror . Later when the car entered the ground there were some scuffle because of the forceful altercations by the leftist students and the people who went there to watch the film. The incident gathered a lot of media attention and media persons were also pushed around while generating the footage. While Mr.Agnihotri was giving his speech there were continuous sloganeering and ferocious protests and was shown black cloth inspite he repeatedly requesting all the students to watch the film peacefully.

The film was being shown smoothly for nearly 45 mins when the deputy registrar came in to stop the proceeding. Although a film ‘Muzaffarnagar abhi baki hai’ was parallel screened by the leftists, it was not stopped.Later the film had to be stopped because of increasing tension in the area. As soon as the director left , the leftist students handpicked some lone guys and attacked with mob of more than 250 and illegally kept them hostage for more than 3 hours charging molestation cases against them. 3 of them being hospitalised as all of them were thrashed brutally and hit with bricks.

The Intellectual terrorism and complete bankruptcy of ideals is slowly pushing these minority groups into senseless rhetoric gimmickry and giving a 5 Star institution a deplorable name as a den of drug addicts, antinationals, prostitution and the demonic hegemony of stifling FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Now That’s called INTOLERANCE …

Author-Nabanil Sanyal,B.Tech. Independent Photographer and Short  Film maker.I went to see the film.


The festival of Celebrating Literature -AKLF, 2016

Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2016 14th Jan to 17th Jan, #Aklf2016 From the house of Apeejay came yet another social event for the 7th time which brought the society at a platform for effluent discussions and intimate understanding of the … Continue reading

Getting Up, Nepal

2 months after the first earth quake hit Nepal with the 7.8 Richter scale and the second one around 18 days after with a magnitude of 7.4,Nepal seems to crawl back from the aftermath of Nature’s fury. Around 17 districts were affected and badly damaged. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that reconstruction costs could exceed $10 billion, or half of national GDP of Nepal.To cope,Nepal Govt is organizing international conference for  rebuilding the country.  Govt of India pleaded 1 billion dollars for the same cause today 25th June.Initial relief work for the affected people was supposedly amply supported from all over the world.

IMG_5315 (Large)                IMG_5323 (Large)

Amidst cries of relief not reaching the people and many areas left yet to served, Sewa International an NGO and its volunteers worked selflessly devoting time and energy to provide relief to the people. The 2nd epicenter near Sindhupalchowk area saw distrcts like dholakha severely damaged and many hills declared unsafe as monsoon hits Nepal.Villages razed to ground and school buildings totally unsuitable to continue studies. Enquiring about damages in one such village to a local who happen to be in the nepali army,learned  each family endured loss of nearly  10-15lac Nepali Currency. School buildings worth Crores are now unsuitable and students are looking forward to an uncertain future with School Tents(Unicef Gave tents, 30 seated for classrooms) as the only hope as reconstruction will take a lot of time.

IMG_5339 (Large)IMG_5538 (Large)

IMG_5530 (Large)IMG_5944 (Large)

Being a volunteer myself for Sewa International, we travelled and stayed in Dholakha District bordering China and stayed there for 7 days providing relief to distant villages, serving out to nearly 4000 houses of around 20 BDC with 10-15 villages in each of approx. 100-200 houses . In many villages We were the first to provide them with some assistance. The People of the mountains are known to be Hard workers, fending themselves off in all situations and this natural disaster seemed no different to them. The locals were back to agriculture who had seeds to plant, brought out rubbles to use it again to build a temporary shelter ,they didn’t wait for help “They Helped themselves”.

     IMG_5411 (Large)IMG_5324 (Large)IMG_5543 (Large)

An old woman once came to our relief center in charikoth with teary eyes. Her son had died. She asked for food, we gave her as much as she could carry. Kids asked for our help and we gave them hands full.The pleads of the people still ring in the ears. Heard stories where families of 10 shared their meal of mere 2 Potatoes and some handful of rice pained me.People breaking their own house in fear of aftershock stunned me. After yet another relief trip to a village in the afternoon, we went ahead for the relief distribution to the most remote ward of Dholakha district Jhyankhu ward 7 by road. On the way Rain wished to test our perseverance and we fought to save the food with all of our will by acting quick to use the tarpaulin for relief to cover the truck. Holding it for nearly one hour against rough wind and rain before it seized and the truck helper could tie the cover. An over loaded truck, steep roads, trees fallen here and there, we travelled with one thing ‘people awaits what we are carrying’. With 3 of my fellow volunteers, we pushed the truck, unloaded half materials mid way, waited in pitch dark roads with the materials before the truck came down to fetch us unloading the rest higher up the mountain, we still couldn’t reach our destination that night. Slept in a tent made by some organization for health camps in a school premise at a cliff. We started again the next day morning. The car failed by it brakes, It was impossible to reach the destination. The locals came for the support with carrying all the materials to our destination to hear our guys speak and distribute officially. People forgot their political affiliations to help the needy and that’s how humanity won.

IMG_5801 (Large)IMG_6059 (Large)IMG_5427 (Large)IMG_5826 (Large) IMG_5428 (Large)

With Medieval period building ,no proper engineering ,Nepal suffered big time with many heritage sites being damaged also. The yet another problem is the ever unstable political situation in Nepal with 8 Prime ministers in 9 years of Being Republic , Nepal needs to collect itself up to save the country from being pushed further down poverty and work together with the world saving its own people.

.   IMG_5787 (Large)IMG_5995 (Large)

IMG_6096 (Large)IMG_5167 (Large)IMG_6092 (Large)IMG_6098 (Large)IMG_5872_color (Large)

Sewa International is now working to provide education materials to 30000 students across Nepal and has additionally taken up responsibility of 200 children with building Students’ home those who have lost their parents in the massive earthquake and uncountable aftershocks. Sewa International is also in process of reconstruction of schools and religious sites across Nepal.

IMG_5708 (Large)     IMG_6106 (Large)
IMG_5442 (Large)

Donate to Help Rebuild Nepal.

IMG_4876 (Large)IMG_4956 (Large) IMG_4980 (Large)

IMG_5221 (Large)

Let the Silver Ligning be there Again….

IMG_5482 (Large)

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The IT Revolution for India

Considering the present state of India, if we question ourselves what all industries India depends upon economically, the answer will be IT as one of its main revenue/foreign fund generator for India. But Ironically Indian system doesn’t even harness the capacity of IT for its own internal economic development. The need of the hour is to have a centralised database oriented population count with a permanent address and verification data to bring the concreteness of Indian economy where the participator is the People.  The government should use the expertise of soo many IT engineers to start the digital revolution which will bring a wave of employment and reduce the cry.

If all the government departments have Internal portals for data Analysis and one unified portal for all the departments together to be viewed by all the Ministers to understand the current situation of the country economically, this will be a massive change on how the government functions and might take 5-10 yrs(sure it will be more) to complete the drive, and put things in place.

The main drawback to this whole change will be the ever increasing Indian population and the unavailability of proper communication medium across the country.  The government will have to invest a lot on the infrastructure changes but will definitely help on the long run to secure the country with a corruption less, steady state.

The Idea is to generate a data drive so as to document the population at the grass root level.

This can be done by two process: Quality Data collection, Quality Data representation.

Quality Data collection: The traditional process of ID proof generation has to be modified or digitized in a better manner.Example: The Data collection will be a govt paid role,where the individual is paid to collect data of the people on a regular basis. They will be fully Technology equipped with Pads(Might consider Partnering with Micromax) to make regular visit to regions assigned to him/her.  Connected with net he has to continuously update the Database (Cloud I will suggest) of Citizen’s current Status(Whether working In India or Abroad), and Register Each Individual’s Family tree of new generations.

Visual Identity is a very important aspect of the society and our present situation of the visual data quality lags behind.  I am sure Your Photo Identity card Portrays you a completely different individual J. So coming to technology the pads will have Cameras with good resolution and the data collectors will consistently keep Updating the photographs of the people on periodic manner.

The Address locations will also be updated for each Individual in the central database by the Data collector only.

Quality Data representation:  Quality Data segregation can be learned from the Postal Database of Addressing. The datacollection men can be the people under Home ministry. The New domain/Wing will be incorporated under the IT/Telecom ministry . The New Domain will be generated and henceforth continued, A generic Platform based virtually connectified Administrators , The platform providing domain (Application of IT). This platform is the Data Representation which is UNIFIED.

Providing the PLATFORM::

Th e country has to be mapped to each house(That is already there I suppose{councillor??}). A software application which works on INTERNET co-ordinating with cloud db to bring results is the need of the hour.Based on each role, the application will have views.

  • The Datacollector will only have data entry access and the report generation access of total count of the population under his area/sub area.
  • The supervisor will have the report generation view of complete data access as well and data providing/inserting access. (Inset access for comments/input/feedback section of the application)
  • The Counsellor will have data read /report generation/ Approval/Plan access in the platform.

This basic 3 structures are a must for each vertical of ministry which can help lead to a unified database of the nation.

The views for each role has to be designed based on the existing functioning of the government officials eg: BDO/TAX Collector etc)

The Land Area has to be mapped(I suppose it is already mapped. A google map like realtime data interpretation{geoinformatics}),The Agricultural ministry will be given the responsibility of recruiting datacollectors AGRI DOMAIN who all will be incharge of keeping the Land area data collection( provided with micro max tabs/pads ) to have visual data, measuremental data updated regularly of the land area.

Express India

All the data will be updated ia central library and each government will have views/access to the library specified by their positions/roles.

This platform is just a suggestion and is under IDEATION. This has to be a java platform.

Digital Data Representation for better understanding of the exact ground situation is exactly what the government of india needs. The Country is in dire need of assessing itself.

I suggest Narendra Modi to incorporate how the developed Nations keep a track of their population. The Home Ministry should Introduce a new portfolio of Data Collectors, who all are equipped with Latest technology gadgets which gather raw clean data and a Central Database of our country is formed in clouds to help us digitize data to have better visual representation of the ground reality . I as an IT engineer would like to visualize these changes to help our country mature with better understanding of her innate functioning.